Bandwidth overage

In general, all customers are expected to adhere to a regular traffic pattern without too many spikes. When traffic statistics indicate that a customer will be exceeding her traffic quota during the specified period, or the spikes exceed a duration of 1 hour per day compared to the average traffic pattern, the customer will receive due notice to decide whether any of the following actions should be taken:

  1. an upgrade to a larger traffic contingent;
  2. a throttling of the network uplink;
  3. connectivity termination until the end of the period;
  4. no action at all;


Customers deciding to take no action at all (this also includes customers who do not reply within 48* hours of the traffic warning - this will be considered as taking no action at all) and who will be exceeding their allocated bandwidth/traffic quota will be charged as follows, unless specified otherwise in their respective contracts:


US West Coast and East Coast points of presence:

mbps (Mbit/s) based: USD 5 per excess mbps begun
TB pricing: USD 20 per excess TB begun

US Chicago point of presence:

mbps (Mbit/s) based: USD 10 per excess mbps begun
TB pricing: USD 30 per excess TB begun


All other points of presence:

mbps (Mbit/s) pricing:
GBP 10 per excess mbps begun in Manchester II, Vienna, and Prague
GBP 20 per excess mbps begun in London (Telehouse and LDEX)
GBP 60 per excess mbps begun in Manchester I (Telecity) and Hannover

TB pricing:
GBP 30 per excess TB begun in Manchester II, Vienna, and Prague
GBP 60 per excess TB begun in London (Telehouse and LDEX)
GBP 180 per excess TB begun in Manchester I (Telecity) and Hannover


Dedicated server contracts overages will be based on per mbps or per TB overage prices. VPS contracts overages will be applied in increments of 0.1 mbps or 0.1 TB.


*Castlegem may, at her sole discretion, decide to grant a grace value of a certain percentage to the customer without applying any surcharges. In case of extreme and excessive overage causing a non tolerable increase in price for the customer's service, Castlegem may decide to cap bandwidth to such a rate that further surcharges are limited to their minimum without completely suspending the client's service. Excessive bandwidth use without client feedback may be interpreted as non action by the client and the VPS or dedicated server hence regarded as unmanaged in such a manner that it may be affecting service for other customers. Castlegem may then decide to suspend service altogether. In case of emergency, or when dictated by circumstances, Castlegem may decide not to wait for 48 hours to protect both the client's and Castlegem's interests. In case of excessive spikes Castlegem may move the client to mbps pricing on the 95%ile.


all prices net/excl. VAT, per month.

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