Setup fees

Why do we charge setup fees for some upgrades and servers?

Standard setups almost exclusively go without setup costs, but reconfiguring a server (for example changing a CPU, adding a Hardware Raid Controller, etc.) takes some time. We also readily admit that we do not keep high stocks of items that are generally in low demand, such as an SSD Intel 710 for example. Spare components for mainstream items are always available and therefore rarely have a setup cost other than that reflecting some human resource costs.

Furthermore, high end servers are a big commitment from both sides - yours and ours. There is no point for us in making a dual E5-2680 128GB RAM 4x 15k drive Hardware Raid Redundant PSU machine available for a month, and we do not know of any business that would invest into renting such a server with a contingency plan of one month only either. If you know you need a dual E5, then you have already considered the lower priced options and excluded them as not suitable. If you know you need a dual E5, then you are starting big right away, and it makes no sense for you to plan to move again after a month. We have never had a single customer renting a dedicated server for one month only since we started our ISP services in 1995 - we are committed to quality and excellence in service, and we will not disappoint you.

Finally, our prices for the dual E5s and other high end servers are very competitive compared to other players in the ISP industry - we are willing to give you an edge in costs in return for matching your commitment with ours.


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